TONE – “…not dreaming that I was at his door.” Dreaming has the connotation of being positive and the narrators phrasing around the fact was that of the old man being fully unaware of what was happening. This shows us that the narrator felt a comfort in being at the door, knowing that they weren’t […]

1) The narrator was thoughtless and mindful. He says “there was no reason for what I did.” But then he covered it up very miraculously and very carefully. He was also caring and barbaric. He says that “he loved the old man” but then he also mutilated his body and decapitated him.DONE 2) “I heard […]

Without even noticing, people within all societies are living some form of lie. I have chosen to explore the theme, The illusion of living a lie. Whether people aren’t living their lives to their fullest potential, or by being a person led astray by misconception. In the end, people are often confronted by their harsh […]

Texts – Character The Great Gatsby The kite runner The lost decade Everything, Everything.

Explain how the author helps us to understand the children’s view(s) of Helen and/or Simon throughout the text. Support your answer with references to the techniques used. Why are the children interested in Helen and/or Simon How the other children respond to Helen and/or Simon What children are like The narrator of the short story […]

Family Holiday Phenomena S Daly Short story The bridge was too flimsy to support the weight of three family members, the narrator thought it was too dangerous to have such a weak bridge over such deep water. The beach had a steep drop off, it was dangerous as it was sudden. “…the waves crashed down…” […]

The illusion of New Zealand Hook: In New Zealand an estimated 42,000 people are homeless or are living in poor housing conditions. 118,910 investigations of family violence were reported in 2016                                                 […]