In the 1920s, the aspect of living the “American Dream” was to live a life filled with money and items. The 1920s has been deemed a very materialistic decade, as people were not thinking about their morals, such as having hope, or happiness. Many people lived emotionlessly, with the only thing that matters being wealthy and having nice things. People were often competitive over who had a nicer house, or who threw the biggest parties. Aesthetic mattered. Family and friends, things with emotional connections were put aside.

The “American Dream” was to have a better life, in comparason to whatever you had previously. This in many aspects was seen to be, a life with more possessions. It was all about expressing “perfect” life.

In the 1920s everything was bigger and bolder, everything became more and more note worthy. As aspects of it were stretched and tested, society wanted to test boundaries and expectations. The 1920s was an era of colour and “life”.

In the 1920s a class system was majorly passed over society. The poor were poor and the rich were rich. No in between. The whites sat here, the blacks sat there. No in between. It was a time of deceptance and brutality.

Dependng on the person the current American Dream is for equality and freedom. For women and men to have the same rights. For an inclusive country where no one is segregated. For freedom, to have the right to your person, to legally be aloud to move and exist.

To be healthy and educated. To have enough money to live without worry. That working is something people enjoy and don’t dread. The current “American Dream” is to have a simpler and happier life.

Life has become less about what you have, but how you choose to live it. Hope and peace is spread though media, the ideality of a “perfect” life still lives on but in a completely different aspect.

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  1. Ruby, you make a lot of comments about life in America during this time being very superficial. Why do you think this is? Following World War I you would have thought that people would have wanted the important things in life around them. Why do you think this was not the case?


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