Politics – In the 18th century politics were beginning to be drastically changed by the likes of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, They were two politicians who put fourth the concept of democracy. This lead to the decline of European states run by the monarchy and in the later years caused the beginning of modernized capitalism. This was supported by the economic ideas of Adam Smith.

Religion – For the longest time, Christianity has been the most popular religion across the majority of Europe,

Technological advancements – With the beginning of the 18 century yielded the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Science –  With the beginning of the 18th century came the first formalized investigation of what science was. The previous strong felt religious idealities were becoming more open to the idea of science and how the world couldn’t just be explained by god and the creation theory. By the mid 1700’s the scientific revolution had begun, which led to an even faster development in the science field. Specifically in medicine, math, physics, biological taxonomy, magnetism, electricity and chemistry.

Gender roles


Everyday life

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