30th June 2017

Practice 1.1 assessement task

Flowers throughout the novel of The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald throughout the novel of The Great Gatsby created a series of references towards flowers, all of which were directly or indirectly linked with Daisy’s character. Flowers were used to create and build Daisy’s illusion. Daisy had always been an illusion of flowers, her name is a white harmless one itself. Daisy, pure, white, wild and free. All of which encapsulates her yellow centre.

Fitzgerald throughout the novel The Great Gatsby created references to the colour green, most of which were directly linked to either Gatsby or the green light on the end of Daisy’s dock. FItzgerald used the green light to illustrate to us Gatsby’s illusion. Whether it was strong and believed to be unconquerable, or if it as faded and the illusion had began to be broken down. The green light was always made reference to. The green light symbolises Gatsby’s hope for him and Daisy to be together once again, that the past 5 years didn’t matter and they could achieve their own happiness together. Throughout the novel the green light itself was put in jeopardy. This was shown through the presence of water, when the water was present it meant that the illusion Gatsby had created had began to fade.

At the point in the novel where Gatsby’s illusion was at it’s most believable and fullest point. Nothing blocked the light from Gatsby’s sight. The first time Nick saw Gatsby he said, “I glanced forward and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away maybe at the end of a dock.” Even before Nick and Gatsby met, the only thing Nick knew was that the green light was an important symbol to Gatsby’s character.

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