To give the illusion that Gatsby was important.

– “Thys will give you an better impressions than generalities…..”

Characters in the “play” of life.

Look at the characters names, the people are what their names sound like.

Gatsby is an illusion for a man who is great, known. But hes not he’s empty, unknown.

In the opening of chapter 4, Fitzgerald lists names that came to Gatsby’s party. This is to show how many people came to Gatsby’s parties and their level of superioriy. The list of people of whom attended Gatsby’s parties, was accompanied by short stories or knowledge he had gained from meeting these people. This gives the reader a sense of who was likely to attend one of Gatsby’s parties, this person tended to be wealthy and be known for what they have.

Many of his guests had never meet Gatsby himself, only rumours of who he is, how he got his money and where he came from. This showed us that he was secretive and isolated from East Egg, a place where everyone knows everyone and secrets aren’t often kept.

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