Explore the way that Fitzgerald presents ‘illusion’ in this chapter. Use evidence to support your ideas.

In Chapter 2 we are told about the world that Daisy lives in. We learn more about her has a character, and that maybe she is a little more in depth than we first thought.She says, that


In Chapter 2 we meet Tom’s mistress Myrtle, after Tom invites NIck to the city to meet his other woman. In the city, Tom an NIck arrive at Myrtles apartment and make plans to pick her up from around the corner.                                                                        They could not be seen together in public as she was a working class woman and Tom was a high class business man. As well the fact that he’s married to Daisy. The plan was for Nick and Tom to take Myrtle to her and Toms secret apartment.                                          In the scene where the they are at the apartment, living like they have a perfect life in the story myrtle says ” “. Proving that she lives in an illusion when she’s with Tom.                                      She acts like she always lives a wealthy lifestyle, but she doesn’t. She lives it until she has to go home back to Wilson.                    He lays like she has a perfect life, one where her an Tom are in a relationsip that everyone knows about. A life where she wears pretty dresses and has a lot of money. One where she is equal to those she spends a Thursday or Friday night with, not like with the person she is supposed to spend her life with. When she meets up with Tom she enters her fairytale life, but what she fails to understand is that fairytales aren’t real.

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