How does Fitzgerald paint Nick as a narrator? What quality (or qualities) is he given?

In this passage of “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald is providing us with an insight on who Nick Carraway seems to be. Nick Speaks of how his father taught him one life lesson in life, which was to never judge a person as not everyone has had the same opportunities as him in life. This lesson Nick has carried right with him into adulthood, the result of this being that copious amounts of people would come to him with their secrets and affairs. This tells us that Nick is a trustworthy man that people feel understands them in a way, no other can. I believe so many people came to Nick because he’d never tell a person that the way they’re behaving is wrong or inproper. They came to him for reassurace, as a lie isn’t a lie if somebody else knows.

An example of a language feature being used in this passage would be… Connotative and emotive

“turning over in my mind” – metaphor

“In my younger and more vaulnerable years” – connotative

“Conduct cannot be found on the hard rock or wet marshes” – metaphor


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