Utilise quotes/specific references where possible:

  • Give a BRIEF plot overview
  • Discuss the setting of the text and how it was influential for genre.
  • Uncover a character that was of interest and why.
  • Outline one cinematography technique that stood out, why?
  • What message would you take from this text – uncover how you experienced this.
  • Compare this to ‘HMT’, ‘Children of Men’, ‘Minority Report’. What are the Similarities between these texts?

V for Vendetta


Director – James McTeigue


Post war London has been turned into a fascist state, Vigilante V uses terrorist tactics to overthrow the government. As he meets Evey he finds an accomplice in her.


London city is experiencing fascism and the spread of a military take over.

Scenes of which Evey is a prisoner show a direct link to a moment in history of the Nazi concentration camp.

Futuristic landscape of London and it’s fascist regime.

  • Buildings are more futuristic which makes sense as the film is set in the year 2032.
  • The more urbanised areas look war struck. Dirty, diseased, broken, destroyed.

The setting shows a direct correlation to the genre of text, as dystopian texts tend to show more futuristic locations that have experienced carnage or war. This is further shown in other texts such as ‘minority report’, ‘children of men’ and ‘HMT’.


Colours expressed in the settings are often monochromatic shades of grey, colours have symbolic meaning as Grey is synonymous to being emotionless, dull, dirty, depressed and is commonly associated with grief and loss.

This again shows reference to the genre, as dystopian texts serve the purpose of representing a location or point in time that has suffered great tragedy, and that has been destroyed due to an environmental or governmental impact.

Within the film, there was a high use of shadows and black. Black is associated with mystery, strength and power.

  • In the text, V was the most commonly presented figure which dawned black. He was encapsulated by it. He wore black from head to toe and he embraced it. His cloak and wig brought him a sense of power and pride, whilst simultaneously keeping his true identity a mystery to all other characters.


  • V
  • Evey Hammond


  • Hugo Weaving
  • Natalie Portman

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